It is important that you to consider making a will to ensure that your assets are looked after by those you pass it on to. Planning ahead on the management of your assets including decision on specific gifts to charities will save your dependents from various problems including inheritance tax issues.

We will also help you through providing high quality of services in relation obtaining the grant of probate, collecting and distributing assets on your behalf.

A grant of probate confirms the authority for an executor to administer the estate of someone who has died, which includes looking after their affairs and distributing their assets to their heirs. In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, the authority you obtain deal with the deceased assets including their properties, pension and bank accounts is called a grant of probate.

Once the grant has been obtained, we will then help you to deal with the estate in col-lecting the assets and paying off the liabilities including Inheritance Tax where appliable in accordance with the will or rules of intestacy.

Our Wills & Probate department offers a broad range of expertise to meet your needs. We work closely with our Property and Family Law teams allowing the access to expertise knowledge within the firm. Our works in relation to Wills and Probate include:

  • Will Drafting
  • Probate & Estate Administration
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Estate Planning
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney applications
  • Court of Protection applications