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Consultant Solicitor

Anantha Thirunathan has specialised in family law for over 18 years. She heads the family department and exclusively practices family law.

Anantha has extensive experience in all areas of family law. She specialises in Divorce Separation, the financial elements involved in both as well as private and public law children disputes. She is accomplished in dealing with high net worth divorces but deals with clients from varied financial backgrounds and all walks of life. In addition, Anantha has expertise in dealing with divorces with international elements and also freezing orders.

Her cases in Children Matters have ranged from sexual abuse to extreme neglect of children due to mental health issues of the parents, contact and Residence disputes involving allegations of domestic violence, paternity disputes, permanent and temporary removal of the children from the jurisdiction and prevention of the same.

Anantha is sensitive to client’s emotions and has a sympathetic approach to understanding the clients with due consideration to the cultural implications in a family dispute.
Anantha is approachable and her ability to communicate well with clients enables her to balance a friendly and a professional relationship with them. She endeavours to resolve matters in a sensible, competent, non-aggressive and conciliatory manner to achieve the best possible outcome. However, she possesses the tenacity and the necessary skill to fight her client's corner should the need arise. She is passionate about achieving the best possible results for all her clients which is why most of her work comes through recommendations.

Anantha holds an LLB degree and is also an Attorney--at-law.

Anantha’s experience in other areas of law including Immigration, Crime and Conveyancing enables her to deal with all aspects of a case.
Outside of work Anantha enjoys travelling, theatre and spending time with her family.

Hourly rate: £240+ VAT

What clients say

Words cannot express how happy I am with the way Anantha dealt with my whole divorce. Hats off to her. She is true to her words. Everything happened as she said it would despite it being the situation that it is now with Covid-19. Before I chose Anantha (on the recommendation of family and friend) I had spoken to two other firms but Anantha had this aura about her that just drew me to her. She listened and listened ever so patiently. Any time I needed her she was there. I didn’t have to chase her up about my case. She was always on top of it. Honestly, I would recommend Anantha any time
The past few years Anantha ThiruNathan (Consultant Solicitor) has been extremely helpful to go through the process. The way she handled the whole situation was very professional. I have to say I am very impressed with the service I received by her. I will always come back to her if I need support with legal procedures and recommend her to anyone. She is a competent solicitor and has always time to listen. She was always polite, and I received professional advice throughout. She would always keep me up to date with any information and the proceedings outcomes. There was never a point where I was surprised, as she has always prepared me for any outcome. I will always be thankful for the hard work of Anantha ThiruNathan.
Excellent service, advice and communication with diligent and prompt work carried out by Anantha at David Benson Solicitors to resolve a sensitive divorce matter. I was referred to Anantha by a family member and I was not left disappointed. Both estimated and actual costs were made clear throughout the process and I received prompt responses to my queries and concerns, which really helped me through the matter during a difficult time. I would recommend Anantha.
I express my sincere & heartfelt appreciation & gratitude to you & your firm for all your excellent work & professionalism. Your dedication & commitment was commendable. I’m truly thankful for all your efforts especially during the negotiations. I have no reservations in highly recommending you for the excellent work on my behalf. Many many thanks again for everything. You were brilliant.